What's Hot for Affiliate marketing in 2013

What's Hot for Affiliate marketing in 20132013 is Here!! The big question in affiliate marketing is what have people moved on to? The answer to that is all about consumerism. What have the young kids moved on to? The tech gadget world is still red hot. The new iPhone is gone crazy in sales. The competition between Samsung and Apple is blazing. Ipad, mini iPad, tables, MP3, those have all driven the tech market into crazy mode, and that has really opened up some revenue potential for affiliate marketers. It is not just the young people who’s consumerism has created an opportunity. The adult market is also very very hot too lol but that’s if you want to be dealing with that stuff on a daily basis.  Almost everyone is into blogging now. That crazy frenzy that drives bloggers to blog represents a huge opportunity for affiliate marketers who are interested in web design products, hosting opportunities, etc. Then there is the environmental green movement that is not green at all it is red hot. The green product industry, whether that is solar power, or better insulation, or products that are made from renewable resources, is a huge affiliate marketing opportunity in 2013. So how do you break into those markets? Here is a list of Five affiliate marketing companies that are looking for affiliate marketers.

Five Market Niches to get you Started:

Amazon Affiliate is a familiar market place that offers millions, and millions of products to Internet shoppers around the world. They make it easy to be an affiliate marketer of their products. Their linking tools are easy to use. They have been doing this kind of business for a while, and they don’t mind at all if you use their experience to make yourself income.

Clinkbank.com is the go to site for anything digital. If you want to be an affiliate marketer for digital products, then clickbank is the place to be. They offer tens of thousands of products that all need to be promoted. As mentioned earlier the digital world is on fire with opportunity.

Apple Affiliates is a potentially lucrative site that allows marketers to make money through commissions from qualified links to iTunes, iBookstore, App Store, many other apple product lines. They also offer an extensive blog network that helps to keep writers up to date about products.

Aweber.com offers an affiliate program for those people who like to write about the tech side of affiliate marketing. This is the place that helps business find customers. If you write about opt-in or lead generation, then this is the spot for you. It sells services, not products, and they need writers.

Clicksor is a site that offers ad placement and link placement to qualified sites such as blogs. They are not interested in brand new sites as their ads require a mix of old and new content. They do have some great benefits if you are an existing affiliate with lots of content. They pay every 15 days which is almost unheard of in this industry. They also offer support to their affiliates. You can also utilize a 10% commission on amazon referrals. What clicksor offers is another type of income. So while, you blog about Apple products their ads are making you money. So your post is working twice for you. It is hopefully selling products and making you ad revenue. Not a bad gig!

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