“Customers must recognise that you stand for something” that’s what Howard Schultz, from Starbucks said about branding and we are going to cover that in more detail here today with.

5 Tips To Explode Your Brand Online:

Video Highlights:

00:52 – Online branding is essential to your success
01:05 – Your brand is the face of your website/service
01:41 – Building your online reputation
03:10 – Creating your marketing plan and measure your goals
03:51 – Showcasing what you do best
04:23 – Keeping track of your visitors with Google Analytics
05:06 – Giving the people a reason to talk about your product
05:23 – Utilizing social media to connect with your public (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Digg, Pinterest, StumbleUpon)
07:14 – Using media to boost your brand
09:15 – Identifying strengths and weaknesses of your overall marketing plan

The following 5 tips make up the corner stone of marketing and branding. Learning to employ them takes a little bit of skill and some time. Mastering them will help to increase the presence that your brand has in the online world.

Starbucks Branding

TIP 1 – Learn to Understand What Branding is?

Branding is the recognition of an idea, company, or product by people or consumers. On the Internet, branding can be described as a beacon that draws readers, consumers, and web surfers to a particular point of interest. It’s about standing for certain values, knowledge, authority and expertise — your brand — so that if someone needs that expertise, they’ll come to you first.
Your online branding is the forefront of your website or service. It is partially the reputation of your website and/or company. Like it or not your online reputation matters. Building a reputation as being an authority also encompasses branding and your online reputation. Authority is the methods by which your readers engage with your sites content. It is about how information is conveyed.

TIP 2 – Develop A Marketing Plan that Includes Branding:

Online marketing is much the same as marketing for an in person business. Branding is essential if you want the public to trust you. This means that building a brand requires quite a bit of scientific strategy, but before you roll your eyes, think about this.

A customer walks into your store and walks around and leaves without buying anything. What do you do? What goes through your mind? The entire scenario is not much different than what occurs in the online world. How do you deal with people who visit your site, look around for a few seconds and then bounce? The answer to that question is the crux of what marketing and branding is. Managing your branding efforts and marketing ploys is what a marketing plan is supposed to outline and address. If you do not have a marketing plan, than you need to develop one. A key aspect of every quality marketing plan is a method by which to measure your goals. Consider this one of the two most important aspects of running a business.

TIP 3- Explain Your Brand upfront — And Do It Fast

The first things that needs to happen is that visitors to your site need to understand what your website and/or company stand for. This partially involves showcasing what you do best. It is also about recognition by the community. Explaining your brand begins with the creation of personal design guidelines that share the values of your brand and are relevant to your chosen niche. The method by which the brading philosophy is set up and completed in such a way that the reader understands and is drawn in quickly. Webmasters can utilise the bounce rate in their analytics to see whats going to see the actual the actual length of time that visitors spend or stay on your site. What is important is how fast visitors leave the site. You want to keep your bounce rate as low as possible

An easy recognised brand philosophy draws readers to your site. Those readers who buy into your brand stay to become fans, etc. This is one of the steps that are used to build readership and a loyal customer base. One goal should be to give people a reason to talk about you and your site not only in a positive way, but in a way that also mirrors your brand. It is about thinking outside the square and standing out in the proverbial crowd.

TIP 4 – Tying your Brand to Social Media:

Social media represents a tremendous and powerful tool that when combined in a marketing plan can boost your branding efforts very efficiently immensely. Social media is so powerful just look at that is now worth a very large fortune. Pinterest is taking off social media is just massive. Develop ways to interact with your public by tying them to your social networks. Providing positive rewards to loyal customers is one way to have them help you build your brand. The idea of using social media is to capitalize on other peoples friends list, while increasing your pool of readers and followers.

Another important aspect of using social media to build your brand is to tie each social media site together. Link them through your profile, comments or posts. Keep in mind that each of the very large sites appeals to a specific segment of the entire market. Facebook is for sharing information, Pinterest for sharing photographs and awesome for info graphs, and Twitter is best at sending micro bursts of information. By tying these all together you build off of the friend network of three sites and not just one. Additionally, consider adding in social networking sites such as LinkedIn, Stumble upon, Reddit, and Digg. All of these sites make excellent marketing tools because they can attract followers and fans.

TIP 5: Using Media To Boost Your Brand:

Media, like social networking, is very powerful. Utilize video, audio and diagrams to enhance you content. Podcasts are very effective tools that can also contain video segments. Not everyone wants to, or has the time to, read. I mean people that are going to a job 9 to 5 there stuck in a rut there on a train the trains packed, they don’t want to crack out a iPhone or iPad and start listening they can put there headphones in but podcasts are awesome there perfect or when your driving you can listen to a podcast you cant watch a video when your driving. Many times people are taking advantage of time when they can not read. Including alternative forms of communication into a site allows you to capture a larger share of the consumers who are looking for products just like yours. Take advantage of commuters by including video and audio links, podcasts on your site. Think beyond the basic text and delve into every opportunity that presents itself. Communicating with your visitors how you convert them to buyers.

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Everyone wants to find a way to boost their online presence. That journey begins with understanding what branding is and how to use it effectively. Every business needs to have a marketing plan that manages the marketing and branding aspects of the business. The marketing plan should contain a check and balance system that allows the website to measure and identify the strengths and weakness of the overall marketing plan, and the initiatives 5 tips to explode your brand onlinethat you employ. Branding is not just about throwing your name out there. Branding is also about taking advantage of every possible opportunity to increase the awareness of your company and website. This is achieved by being consistent with your mission statement. This is also why it is important to show viewers exactly what you are about and to do so very quickly.

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