Optimize Your ContentThe recent changes to Google and the introduction of panda and penguin have really damaged how many websites work. The changes have affected small business, large corporations and every other type of website that is out there. For decades, we have been taught to optimize our content to please the search engine, that concept has changed, and with change comes the struggle to understand how to optimize your content for Google and humans.

Use Keywords In Context To How People Are Using That Word Today:

The aspect about Panda that people seem to have the hardest time accepting is that while Panda is still a computer program, it has found its humanity. It is important that writers think about this point. The crux of Internet marketing lies in the acceptance that our cold, hard, computer has learned to read text with understanding. It is time to forget about the computer and focus on the human aspect of your writing. Empower the keywords you choose to use by using them as humans do. The new search engines understands in the same way that a human brain does, though maybe not as complex. Think about a grammar program that analyses text. The search engines are capable of analysing and recognizing poor text, bad grammar, word usage, and spelling errors. Write for the human, and not the computer.

Build Content That Is easy to understand – Dumb Down The Article

Stop the onslaught of long sentences and upper level vocabulary. Write for a simpler audience. The web is used by many people of different ages and different language skills. An article does not have to be written in like a masters thesis. The Internet is made up of a world audience, write for all readers. There are exceptions to this rule, but using grammar correctly will always win out over poorly written content. Unless your article is about a very complex subject, write and adapt your websites content to the world audience. This is especially true if your site is designed to generate revenue from ads or by selling products.

Write Content That Is Of Value To The Reader

The new search engine look at readership, but they also look at visitors. Providing value in your writing will bring readership and unique visitors. That is a key goal that every writer should be aiming for. As a reader, do you read substandard writing? As a reader, I do not want to have to figure out what someone else has written. Be clear in your statements. Impart knowledge in your paragraphs. Give to the reader, after all, they are giving you their time.

Put The Human back into the Content and Forget The Computer.

The evolution of search engines to be human-like in determining what is quality content and what is poorly written, spun, or stuffed with keywords, has made the way we write content change. We must forget what we have learned and write content as though we mean what we say. That is what Google is looking for. Links are important but only if they are natural. Articles can rank high based on social media rather than back links. The face of the Internet is changing and those writers that understand that will survive. To optimize your content for Google and humans means to forget that you are writing for a computer and instead focus on the humanity of what you are trying to say. The last thing to consider is throwing out all of those crazy keyword phrases that are not grammatically correct. Keywords, and keyword phrases need to make sense grammatically, culturally, and be relevant to the topic of your article or site.

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