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The following dialogue is the true story of my life and how I rose from little to become something. This is a journey that I hope many people will embark upon.

The Negative Weight of Society:

Imagine starting out life and being told by your teachers that you would never succeed, and that instead of pursuing education that you should find a good trade and accept that as your way to make a living. What must words like those do to a young mind? Hearing that you can not be smart must be like a firm hand that pushes you down a path you do not wish to travel. Yet, this is a story that is retold every day. The net of negativity that we place on our children, colleagues, friends, and ourselves is not the freedom to choose but the sound of a door firmly being closed.

Look about you. We see this every day when society casts aside anyone who does not fit in the boxes we label as acceptable. Look at each and every person who has dropped out of school because of the negative feelings that they could not succeed. Why would they try when they have been told they can never be… Is every failure an affirmation of those words “ you will never succeed”? Do you hear those words in your own mind? Feel them in your own heart?

My Story:

The story above is the story of my early life. I am Joe Karl and after being told that I would never succeed academically by my teachers and peers. I continued to struggle in school believing what they told me. Every struggle a weight. Every failure a testimonial, until I could take no more of that. I dropped out of school when I was 15 and became an independent tradesman. That was no future. Those negative words followed me. The trade I learned became a prison, a boring day to day mundane existence that held no long-term future for me. Life was always lived one day at a time that saw each passing day a financial struggle to pay bills and not fall farther behind. The lack of education made my trade a trap. I did not enjoy working my trade. I saw no hope except to continue my daily struggles to survive.

Business success depends on the right mindset and being able to evaluate situations and change world and social views depending on the conditions at the time. That is what I have learned throughout my life, and that is what has led me to the success I enjoy today. Growing up, I was surrounded by a tradesman like my father who worked long hours doing often back breaking work. My father was in the restaurant business, and a bricklayer by trade, and he would always tell me that long hours and hard work were the only path to success. This is the mindset I developed over time, and I entered adulthood convinced that this path was the only way to earn a living. Over the past ten years, however, my mindset has changed.

I respect my father and men like him, but I wanted something different. I wanted to enter the business world and wear the tailored suits. At 18, I found myself adrift, not in a place I wanted to be. I was working as a painter, learning a decent trade, but my heart and mind were elsewhere. I began to realize that if I didn’t take control of my life and make a change I would still be painting in ten years, and that is not what I wanted for my life.

Yes, I Can!

It was then that I discovered something that would change my life forever. What I discovered was the power of positive thought. I became interested in Internet marketing when I saw the seeming, limitless opportunities that could come from the Internet. My fascination with Internet marketing led me to the Guru’s of Internet Marketing. It was listening to these God-like speakers that I heard for the first time, “Yes You Can.” There was no longer that distant echo of “No You Can’t.” The power of positive thought was like a light going on in a darkened room.

I spent a lot of time thinking about what was possible and researching others who had achieved the kind of success I wanted for myself. I spent hours on Google reading about successful people and quickly realized that many of these people were making a great living through internet ventures, using their creative minds to market products and services online. I realized that they had the life I wanted, so I eagerly sought out people who had followed this path and started to attend seminars where they were speaking. I purchased their training and coaching programs. I even began to hang around the hotel bars where these people were staying and would start up a conversation. Over time, I made friends with many of them.

The Process:

It took about five years to learn what I needed to learn and for my mindset to change completely, but soon I had left the painting trade behind and was sitting behind a desk as a sales executive in the showroom of Lamborghini Sydney. I had made a very positive change in my mind and my lifestyle. The funny thing about success though is that once you start down the path to getting what you really want you can’t stop until you fully complete the journey. My journey wouldn’t end until I owned my own business. Convincing myself that I could have my own firm, and work on my own terms was the biggest shift in mindset and once complete there was no stopping me. Selling luxury cars to successful people put me in daily contact with those I wanted to be like and just as before I started talking with them and getting to know them. The only difference between me as the salesman and them as the customer was our different mindsets.

The people I encountered taught me to believe in myself and follow my passion and take big risks. With big risks, come big rewards and it took a while for me to understand this. They also taught me to banish negative thoughts form my mind and only focus on the positive. It is amazing how a positive mindset can steer you in the right direction. I began to think about the future I wanted to create, and I thought about that daily and thought about how I could make it happen. Over time, it began to happen, fuelled by my new, positive mindset. One particular mentor Mal Emery summed it up for me when he said, “you see Joe it’s not what you need to learn or what you need to know it’s who you have to become” This was the last piece of the puzzle for me. Once I understood this, it all became clear. Once you have the mindset that everything is possible, and you believe in yourself, everything will fall into place. Shift your mindset and the universe will make a way, and it will become possible.

Resources Available to Everyone:

One of the tools that I enjoy using is. It is called “The Secret.” This is a facebook page that was created so that fans of the book and film,“The Secret,” could reflect on the advice that is presented there. This is a site that offers so many positive thoughts that it brightens your day when you visit. What is nice about The Secret, is that is so easy to find the perfect positive thought. This is not an in-your-face kind of place it is instead, a calm and relaxing destination that brings with it inner peace and a positive mindset. It is a reminder that the little messages are just as powerful as a reality check. Be Grateful! Say yes! Are two examples of the message that is likely to be read here.

The Secret works off of the law of attraction and the theory that the law of attraction guides each of our lives. With that understanding comes power over the law in that, we can bend the rules to our purposes. Being positive brings positive energy, experiences and opportunity. With those opportunities come more opportunities and so on and so forth. This is the very idea behind my own success. It was through positive outlook and the positive mindset change that allowed me to find the success that I have found. I could have wallowed in my own misfortune and continued down that path of being a tradesman, but I did not. The law of attraction works and though my life changed before I discovered The Secret, I enjoy the site because it allows me to remember the simple things that are so powerful.

Beautiful sunset on the Australian beachAnother powerful source that I have discovered is Author, Louise Hay. Louise has a story that is similar to my own. She began her positive journey back in 1970 when she discovered that her positive outlook on life had a dramatic benefit to those people around her. It was through that discovery that she found the inspiration to pen several books such as You Can Heal Your Life. A book that is based on Louise’s own struggle and eventual victory over cancer. She is a positive force that has changed the lives of millions of people. She uses the law of attraction and positive philosophies to promote healing, and success for people who follow her example. Again, this is another example of the same mindset that I used to change my life. The power of being positive is enormous. The potential lies within us all. It is not about our past, but about our future. It is about inviting the positive energies into our minds, our hearts, and our soul. It is about letting go of the past and allowing the future to unfold before you. It is about allowing yourself the opportunities that are out there. How many ways do we hold ourselves back? How many times do we shake our heads and say… I should have…. this is about saying I can!

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