With all the changes happening with Google lately I am looking at the best ways to create traffic. Guest Blogging is an amazing traffic strategy!

Guest posting is the art of writing articles for blog and article sites other than your own. The benefit of guest posting is to enhance readership of your own blog or Website by helping other bloggers build content within their site/blog. The process sounds easy enough, but there are certain quality expectations that should be considered when writing for another site. The other benefit for guest posting is that it provides a small opportunity for back-linking to your own blog/site.

While the opportunity is there to contribute to Guest Blogging, the process may not be as simple as writing a blog and submitting it. There are many considerations that need to be addressed in order to become successful at guest posting.

Guest Posting – Evaluate Your Reasons:

When I write articles for myself, I write them with a purpose. The act of writing a guest post should be no different. In fact, the act of writing a guest post should supersede the act of writing for yourself. That is how important quality is to guest posting. Consider that not every submitted article will be accepted. The first determination for dismissing a submission is the lack of quality. Consider carefully why you are writing and submitting a guest post. The core reasons are to develop and expand readership of your own blog, to increase a few links to your blog, to contribute in a positive way to another bloggers writing platform.

Guest Posting – Adhere To High Standards:

Writers should consider the differences between successful blogs within the written topic and blogs that fail to propagate sustainable readership. Those differences that are not related to the topic can be measured in terms of the quality of the written word, the flow of the article/blog, and the understanding of the topic by the writer.

Emulating the high standards and craftsmanship of successful blogs requires that writer construct their blogs in a logical manner that follows the reader-friendly format. This means thinking about what you are going to write and developing a plan that produces the type of content that is acceptable. Part of this process involves understanding what the blog owners blog submission standards are. Each blog owner have their own set of requirements, and it is important to consider those requirements carefully before undertaking a writing project for that blog owner. It is also important that the blog site being considered for submission to matches the standards of your own blog/site. Remember that you are trying to attract readers from that pool to your own blog. Successfully keeping those readers, reading your blog is going to require that your blog be similar in content and structure to any blog that you submit as a guest writer.

Guest Posting – A few Tips and Tricks:

The first tip is to include the blog owners name in your submission. A good way to do that is to offer a thank you statement. Including the blog owners name in your article links your submission to their blog. That is important because it helps your submission to fit into the list of blog entries that exist on the site. Every blog owner wants blog posts that match their style and content. Add a few, no more than three, links to other blog posts on that site Sometimes even one keyword related link. By providing links to other posts on the site, helps your submission to blend into the blogs already posted there. That is important because it shows the blog owner that your content is going to complement what is already written on his site. Include only ONE inbound link to your own blog and that link should be attached to your name as a writer. Allow the blog owners readers to find you without making it obvious that you are trying to gather readership. Keep in mind that your blog should fit into the blog owners profile of writing and topics, be well written and promote his site more than your own. This is an opportunity for you that is paid for by your effort in promoting the blog owners site.

Guest Posting – Writing is a Craft:

Quality writing takes work, planning, and know-how. If writers are going to invest the time into creating readable documents, than they are going to need to understand how to excel at the craft of writing. This means choosing topics, building paragraphs, and constructing supporting sentences that lead your reader on an easily navigated journey. Constructing a quality blog is only the beginning of the work required. It is critical that writers learn how to edit their work and objectively read their own work before submitting it to someone else for approval. If your writing does not meet your own standards, then do not submit it to someone else.

When writing a guest post make sure that you have spent some time reading other posts on the site where you are going to submit your work. Read the blogs to get a feeling for, and how other posts on the site are constructed, in both form and tone. Understanding how the process works will help you to write a better blog post as a guest blogger. All of these elements come together to help your work become approved by the blog owner. It is a big investment in time to write blogs and articles. It is a big waste of time if you write articles and blogs that are rejected. Always keep in mind why you are writing a guest blog and adhere to the quality standards of the blog owner.

Guest Posting – Develop A Wish List:

This is a tip that goes back to the reasons why you want to be a guest blogger in the first place. The primary reason is to increase readership of your own blog. Spend some time each week researching and reading blogs that may be suitable guest blogging destinations. Not every blog that you come across is going to fit your needs nor your writing style. Because writing is a long-term project, the development of a wish list should be an ongoing activity that occurs weekly. Perusing blogs within your niche allows you to measure your competition, gather ideas for blog content, and develop honest relationships with blog owners. Finding potential blogs is as easy as using keyword searches within social media sites such as Google, Twitter, and even Facebook. Make a habit of participating in potential guest blog sites by leaving feedback and comments that are relevant to the topic being discussed within the blog. Let the blog owner get to know you, and you will improve your chances of getting your submission excepted.

Guest Posting – Dedicate Yourself To The Project:

A portion of all successful businesses invest a portion of their profits back into advertising. That is the same with writers and bloggers except in this case the investment is paid for in time and offset by future readers/earnings. It is one thing to write the world’s best content, and quite another thing to have it read by the masses. Invest the time, to be a guest blogger. Many times these projects are viewed as frivolous, but again, consider why you are doing this. The reason is to increase your readership and that means increasing your ad revenue, etc. That should be your motivation for writing guest blogs and doing the work involved in searching out and finding likely and complementary guest posts spots. Set a time goal each week that you devote to growing your readership. This will allow you the reasoning and rational of working on non-paying guest blogs.

Guest Posting – That Which Should Be Unspoken:

Before you publish your first blog, and by all means before you submit a guest posting for approval, make sure that you have written a professional byline that explains who you are and what your expertise is within that niche. The goal would be to establish yourself as an expert by creating a memorable bio that conveys simple, yet informative points about your skills and knowledge areas. This is the first step in creating and maintaining your brand. This is also a good place to return to as a writer to remember what your goals are for writing. This is one of the fist place a blog owner will visit to see if you fit into their blog style. Take the time to create a professional byline.

Guest Posting-Conclusion:

There are a lot of tips and methods that are accumulated here. Each should help you succeed in getting your guest postings approved by appropriate blog owners. The last consideration that should be thought about is how you will handle negative comments, rejection, and being criticized. As a writer in an online format, it should be expected that readers and blog owners are going to be negative from time to time. That is just a reality of our world. Understand that with an online format it is very easy to provide an opinion. As a writer just accept those negative words as opinions. Negative comments may be based in truth, or they may not be based in truth. The reality is that it is not worthy of a quality writer to fight openly with blog owners, commentators, or readers. Just accept the comment and move on. Typically, my response is that while I might not agree with your statement I value your comment non-the-less. If you are writing quality content, than allow the process to happen. Nothing really occurs overnight that is worthwhile. Be prepared to invest time and energy into the process and that strategy will pay off.

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